NFC on BlackBerry Devices: Futuristic and Feature-rich


NFC on BlackBerry

Ever since the introduction of the first BlackBerry devices equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, we’ve enjoyed seeing how people are using NFC in the real world. Whether NFC is used as part of a mobile payment solution, to interact with a book, or as a security card, there is little doubt that the technology is becoming widely adopted. Even just this week our Secure Element Manager (SEM) solution for NFC payments was approved by Visa – a clear sign the industry is getting behind NFC.

These case studies are all well and good, but I still have friends who ask me, “Why would I even need NFC on my smartphone? Does it do anything cool?” It’s a fair question. While there are more and more devices running NFC, the adoption of this or any new technology can happen gradually. Take Bluetooth for example. I remember the early days of Bluetooth, when it was (anecdotally) confusing for a lot of people I know. In the mobile and desktop space Bluetooth was a check box in the selling features category. It wasn’t until consumers and the industry really got behind it and understood how it was useful that it took off. Now you see Bluetooth everywhere; in mobile accessories, smartphones, and even cars.

We continue to see the infrastructure pieces coming together that are making NFC solutions simpler and more viable to the mass market. Like Bluetooth before it, I predict NFC will improve the way people interact with their devices, making everything from exchanging contact information, files and making payments as simple as tapping two devices or tags together.

Pretty cool, right? Also keep in mind that NFC is still growing as a technology so there are uses coming that we may not have even thought of yet. Where will NFC on your BlackBerry device take you?

We’re always on the lookout for new and fun uses for NFC, so please feel free to share your NFC story or feature in the comments below.

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