Looking for a Study Buddy? How About Your BlackBerry Device?


Study apps for BlackBerry

For many students, the second semester of school has just started, which means the tough stuff is still ahead. Before being committed to months of “all work and no play” library lockdown, I wanted to share some helpful tips on how BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets can be used to help with both studies and relaxation. Remember, staying balanced is one of the keys to mental agility during stressful times!

Here are some great apps available in the BlackBerry App World storefront to help students with their schoolwork (while having a little fun, too):

  • Ignite Study Flash Card by Kenneth Poon: They say we need to see a piece of information three times before it gets committed to memory. With this handy flash card app, users can memorize with ease, accessing study materials while on the go in a fun quiz format! I like that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet app doesn’t give away answers immediately. Instead, it offers hints, which give it a fun and unique edge to standard flashcards.

  • StudyPal by Nadia Munim: Students can think of this app as a “personal trainer” for their brains. As the saying goes, this app helps with “planning your work and working your plan” in the crux of exams. For someone like me who worries about forgetting little details, a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet app that keeps important information in one place is a huge stress-reliever.
  • Hangman by Spice: Even the hardest working student needs a break sometimes! I recommend having a little fun in between cram sessions by downloading a cult-classic game like Hangman, which is a personal favorite. This version is especially fun because it includes a range of themes, such as Hollywood, Sports and Music—and because it’s available for a BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Study apps for BlackBerry

  • My Study Room Theme by VImukti Technologies Pvt Ltd.: While you’re loading up your BlackBerry smartphone with study apps and essentials, why not download a new theme to match? Just looking at these study room wallpapers gets me in study mode!

Study apps for BlackBerry

Students (and parents), tell us – which apps will help you during the rest of the school year? Let us know in the comments.

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