Top 5 BlackBerry 10 Questions


Top 5 BlackBerry 10 questions, answered by Melanie!

I picked a great time to start blogging for BlackBerry. The anticipation for BlackBerry 10 has been so exciting for us community managers, and we know how excited you are too! We’ve received a lot of questions about BlackBerry 10 recently, and while I’d love to answer all of them, I focused on the five questions that kept coming up.

Here’s a list of the top five questions for BlackBerry 10:

  • Question 1: How will BlackBerry10 make our lives easier? What makes it more user-friendly?
    • Answer: I’m lucky enough to have had a lot of hands-on experience with a new BlackBerry 10 device. While it took a little getting used to, I quickly became its biggest fan. There are so many features that make using your smartphone easier; BlackBerry Hub and the peek feature are my new best friends!
  • Question 2: What is your favorite feature of BlackBerry 10?
    • Answer: I love that BlackBerry 10 is customizable enough for mobile techies, but simple enough for beginners. And BlackBerry Balance allows you to use your BlackBerry 10 device for both. It’s a smartphone you (and your IT manager) will love.
  • Question 3: Which BlackBerry device will be available?
    • Answer: We’ve showed many videos of the BlackBerry 10 touchscreen devices on the Inside BlackBerry Blog. While we love the touchscreen device, we know BlackBerry fans also love the physical QWERTY keyboard. Rest assured, we will have both versions available in the future. We’ll have more info available on January 30th.
  • Question 4: What is the one defining characteristic that truly sets BlackBerry 10 apart?
    • Answer: The reengineered operating system, or OS! As Thorsten Heins told the world: We went right back to the drawing board to create BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry 7 OS is a great operating system, but we wanted to bring our customers something brand new. And with BlackBerry 10, we have.
  • Question 5: What’s new in BlackBerry 10 that you haven’t told the media yet?
    • Answer: Oh, there are more features coming, believe me. And the best place to hear about everything BlackBerry 10 is right here on the Inside BlackBerry Blog.

What’s your burning question about BlackBerry 10? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more answers!

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