Unified Inbox is Now BlackBerry Hub, and It Gets Better from There [VIDEO]

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Having a unified inbox on your BlackBerry smartphone makes life easy for you; it simplifies the way you manage your email accounts, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates and more. But it gets even better with the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones. A few weeks back we gave you a preview of the BlackBerry Hub in BlackBerry 10. This week I’ve been at CES and I caught up with Vivek Bhardwaj to take a deeper dive into some of the features.

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

Now that we’ve taken a quick look at some of the more advanced features of the hub,I wanted to go a step further and tell you its similarities and differences compared to the unified inbox technology offered on current BlackBerry devices.

  • Unified Inbox versus BlackBerry Hub: Similarities – If you are currently using your device’s unified inbox as your base of operations on BlackBerry OS 6 devices and up, I have great news: BlackBerry Hub is still the messaging and communications center for new BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and it’s available in real time.
  • Unified Inbox versus BlackBerry Hub: Differences – When Thorsten Heins said “BlackBerry Hub is not just a unified inbox,” he wasn’t kidding. By using BlackBerry Flow to layer open emails, attachments, or BlackBerry apps over the top of the Hub, you can quickly “peek” back as needed to view all the apps you’re currently using. It’s as much about the accessibility of your data as it is the integration of your data.

The bottom line is that unified inbox works, and works well. However, the goal of BlackBerry 10 is to help keep BlackBerry smartphone users moving forward. It’s an exciting time.

Speaking of excitement, share yours in the comments along with any questions or concerns.

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