How the BlackBerry 10 Predictive Keyboard Saves Your Latte


Whether or not you’ve gotten your hands on the BlackBerry Z10, you’ve no doubt seen the video of Vivek showing off the predictive keyboard feature of the device. When I showed a few friends how it worked, they were impressed by its functionality. I do have one friend who’s both tech-savvy and sometimes hard to impress, and he challenged my demonstration by saying, “Most people expect typos in texts; I don’t see how that can help me”. Challenge accepted.

I explained a scenario to him in which he and I were going to meet at a coffee shop, and I have a smartphone without predictive text. While I’m walking to meet him, I remember I need something from the grocery store and begin to text him that I’ll be late. In my hurry, I accidentally type: “Quick stop to shop, I’ll be latte”. Confused, he orders me a latte and assumes I’ll still be on time. I end up with a cold latte and an upset friend who thinks I’ve ditched him.

Now let’s consider this scenario with a predictive keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10. As soon as I begin to type the letters “L-A-T“ I see the word “late” appear within the keyboard. A quick swipe, and the word “late” is populated into the text. No angry friend, no cold latte.

Has the predictive text feature on the BlackBerry Z10 helped make your texting easier and more accurate? Tell us about it in the comments!

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