BlackBerry Q10: Top 5 Things You Should Know


Top 5 things about the BlackBerry Q10

The BlackBerry Q10 is the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone to feature a classic BlackBerry hardware physical keyboard. This device combines the iconic BlackBerry keyboard and the power of the BlackBerry 10 platform to bring you what we consider the best smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard on the market. Since I previously showed you five highlights of the BlackBerry Z10, I wanted to share five things you need to know about the BlackBerry Q10 experience.

  1. The keyboard is bigger and better. The BlackBerry Q10 features a straight keyboard design, and is wider than earlier BlackBerry smartphones. The metal frets between the keys are also bigger, offering a more visual appeal while helping to eliminate errors while typing on the go.
  2. The BlackBerry Q10 has the largest battery of any BlackBerry smartphone, ever. The BlackBerry Q10 battery is 2100 mAh in size, which means, well, you can talk, work and play nearly all day on a single charge.
  3. Better shortcuts with Type and Go. This time-saving feature is essentially a shortcut that allows you to send messages faster than ever before. All you have to do is start typing an action like “email” or “BBM,” then a name, and you can quickly take action. Message sent. BOOM!
  4. The design is meticulous, light and durable. The back plate on the BlackBerry Q10 is made of a unique glass-weave material that is lighter and stronger than plastic. The device is surrounded by a machined stainless steel frame with a durable black coating, which is designed to prevent the edges from chipping and keeps your BlackBerry Q10 looking good.
  5. The BlackBerry Q10 is a BlackBerry 10 device, and it performs like one. The BlackBerry Q10 was designed to offer amazing performance available on BlackBerry 10 devices like the BlackBerry Z10. In terms of features and functionality, it runs on the same BlackBerry 10 platform, it can run the same apps, and has a removable back plate for easily replacing the battery or swapping your SIM card.

We’ve told you about the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10; now choosing which BlackBerry 10 device is up to you. Remember to Be Bold and Vote for your choice, and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • anilu7

    Reblogged this on annlouisewinter and commented:
    For all the physical keyboard lovers!

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  • nicole thoms

    I jus knew a keypad version was coming out!!!!! BD was jus waiting for it to launch….can’t wait to get me one #Q10😉

  • Dennis kananga

    I have been using blackberry for approx 9 years,I still have it but I feel I want a new one,though I can’t find money to purchase one,please give me an offer.Blackberry love.

  • Suleiman

    I love my Q10. It’s not only the best Blackberry device I’ve ever used, but the best phone period. Forget any woes that you encountered with previous Blackberry devices, this is the real deal, and Blackberry has truly created something special here.

  • James Plamondon

    How do I cut and paste a phone # from a website onto the dial pad. On the Z10

  • enrique

    Me gusta blackberry

  • Wendy

    This looks great! I’m a die hard bb user. I had an android and finally got rid of it b/c I did not like the touch screen – now I’m back to the old bb and it sucks! This new bb Q10 device sounds awesome can’t wait until my upgrade so that I can get it🙂

  • ralph whitehead

    When will the q10 be available in the usa?

  • imran malik

    When is it coming out in nerwyork? Q10?

  • chadwaters

    Sounds great but what about the 4 Bolds we bought that all have issues with jumping and processing and not being able to handle apps.

  • chadwaters


    What about the constant issues with the 4 bolds we just got 6 months ago?
    Its like no one cares or atleast when we’ve emailed as our provider has done nothing for us

    Constant curser movement “jumping”
    Slow if you add any apps

  • joseph lee

    I would like switch phone. Is it available from korea?

  • Dylan

    Only one of those 5 reasons could not be instantly eye rolled. If you want back in the race let me do the marketing, or better yet, send me a free device and let me word of mouth. (Sent from iPhone)

  • Adam

    Plz. How. Much is #Q10 nd #Z10 in de Nigerian markets?

  • Lerato

    Yoooh the Q10 features are crazzy,just see myself holding it!!!

  • bittergirlhabsfan

    Sigh…the Twitter app sucks. I always have it logged in but randomly decides to either require me to update my settings or it won’t load new tweets…also, I miss my little red indicator showing me I have new tweets and I can’t figure out if this is something I can configure in settings. Other than that, I want to marry my Q10🙂

  • iamsosickwithit

    Wow this phone is a machine! No other phone is in the same league as it is! #blackberryQ10 rocks! #fact!

  • javier alvarado

    Estoy un poco desilucionado por algunas funciones que podia hacer con mi anterior bold y que no puedo hacer con mi z10 como sincronizat mis contactos y calendario de outlook, usar algunas aplicaciones, etc.. espero lo puedan inplementar cuantp antes de lo contrario la credibilidad de bb caira mucho

  • Joannedecky

    Is it out yet ? Release date please ?

  • jay switzer

    When will 2 way Outlook synch via USB be ready? Great device except this synch missing!!

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