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UPDATE — Note that BlackBerry Travel has not yet launched for BlackBerry 10 and the post did not intend to imply that it had. Simply an app the author would like to use when it does launch. ED.

With BlackBerry 10 now available in Canada and other locations around the world, Melanie and I wanted to share the first five apps we downloaded on our new BlackBerry Z10 smartphones. Hopefully the below says a bit about our personality – and a lot about how we use our BlackBerry 10 devices.

Donny’s Top 5 Apps

World of Goo by 2D BOY: This is a simple yet challenging puzzle game. It’s fun to play offline when you have a few minutes to stretch your mind muscle as you work your way through various levels and worlds.

theScore (Score Mobile) by the Score, Inc.: If you’re a sports nut like me you definitely need to keep tabs on all your favorite teams. With theScore you can track and follow your teams and players. You can even have alerts pushed to you during major events so you’ll never miss out on that game-winning goal.

Run In Crowd by Ursine Paw: This is one of my favorite games on my BlackBerry PlayBook and I’m happy to say that it’s also available for BlackBerry 10. I’m very proud to say that when I first downloaded this I was ranked in the top 10!

Songza by Songza Media, Inc.: Music lovers will love this app. It knows what time of day it is and all you have to do is pick what type of activity you’re doing, what mood you’re in, and Songza will be your musical concierge, creating a playlist for your listening pleasure.

NYTimes for BlackBerry 10 by The New York Times: There are many news apps available for BlackBerry 10, but I definitely have a soft spot for this one. I got to see a preview of it when I attended the New York Times DealBook Conference late last year, and I must say it is a great source for all my news.

Mel’s Top 5 Apps

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM): Everybody loves BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, but it’s truly the one app I can’t live without. It’s my go-to method of communicating with my friends and family. Now with BBM Voice and BBM Video Chat, I can talk or video chat with anyone I’m connected to at the drop of a hat!

foursquare by foursquare: Loving all things social media, foursqure is really one the of many social apps I use daily. Checking in on foursquare is great, but what I like most about the app are the tips and deals at each location. It’s a great way to learn about the places you go to.

BlackBerry Travel: I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use the BlackBerry Travel app, but I can’t wait! It’s going to make my life so much easier. Having all your travel details in one spot could make travelling so much more enjoyable. I’ve had issues with losing travel documents before, so I never travel again without BlackBerry Travel!

Angry Birds Star Wars by Rovio Entertainment ltd: I have to admit, I am new to the Angry Birds phenomenon. I had never tried it or even paid any attention to the hype. However, I LOVE Star Wars! When I saw the graphics and the light sabers the angry birds use, I just had to try it. I’m hooked!

AirHorn by Madscientist’s Laboratory: One word: HILARIOUS! Who hasn’t wanted to sound off an air horn in a quiet room, office, elevator? You’ve got to give this one a try.

There you go: two people, ten apps – one post. Be sure to check out our favorite apps for BlackBerry 10 and share yours in the comments below.

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