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Digital Trends has asked a great question: “Why aren’t there more movies based on apps?” I say that if it’s popular and mainstream, people will love it! Making likeable characters relatable is a recipe for success. And with little place else to look for fresh movie ideas, it’s only a matter of time before apps go Hollywood.

Around the office, we’ve all been using our new BlackBerry Z10 smartphones and gaming like crazy in our spare time. This got me thinking about some of the amazing new apps and what they would be like as a feature film. So I decided to ask a few of my colleagues at BlackBerry which BlackBerry smartphone app they’d like to see on the big screen.


Alex K. chose DynaStunts for BlackBerry 10. He’s addicted to the action and said all the customizable characters and vehicles would transition nicely to the silver screen.


For Melanie M. it would be Riptide GP. Bouncing around on waves and racing Jet Skis? Sign me up for that action-packed thrill ride.

For me, it would definitely be World of Goo — and Kerri B. agrees! It has drama, character development, suspense and some good ol’ fashioned humor – just my kind of flick.


Now I’m curious to know which of your favorite apps you think would make great feature-length films. Let me know in the comments below!

*All images via BlackBerry World storefront

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