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Movie fans, rejoice – this is a big weekend for you. With all eyes on the Hollywood film industry, where will you be tuning in on Sunday night to see who walks home with an award? (Topical: in case you missed it earlier this week, we talked about which BlackBerry apps we would turn into feature films!)

If I could assign a trophy for “best gadget,” it would undoubtedly go to my new BlackBerry Z10. I’m having so much fun with it, and like a lot of you, I enjoy using my BlackBerry device to BBM, tweet and download apps while I’m watching TV. This Sunday will be no exception. With movies on the brain, I wanted to share great apps, wallpapers and music that play into the glamour of this annual event.

I kicked off the award show weekend early by listening to the Academy Studio Orchestra soundtrack. It includes lots of songs from this year’s Best Picture contenders. Next, I downloaded the Popup for IMDb app for quick access to info on actors, directors and movies. Even a film buff like me gets rusty on her trivia! On Sunday afternoon, I’ll start checking out the trending topics on my Twitter app so I can start taking part in the conversation – from the red carpet to the after-parties.

What will you be doing Sunday night? If you’re looking for new media, check out BlackBerry World before the big event. And don’t forget to leave us a comment to tell us what you found!

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