BlackBerry Screen Share on BBM: Top 5 things you should know


BlackBerry Screen Share

You’ve probably read about BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on BlackBerry 10 and new features like BBM Video and Screen Share. You may find yourself wondering, “How can Screen Share really make life easier?” If you’re one of those people, you need to know that Screen Share is a feature that all of Team BlackBerry can appreciate – in both a personal and professional capacity. In an effort to ensure you get the most out of your BlackBerry 10 experience, I’ve put together a handful of key tips to help better understand what Screen Share technology is all about.

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  1. BBM just got better. With BlackBerry 10, we’ve taken BBM to the next level to facilitate complex interactions and more effective communication. Screen Share is part of the BBM evolution, so remember that all of the traditional BBM perks – fast messaging, easy international commination, and so on – are part of the Screen Share experience.
  2. Simple navigation. Screen Share is intuitive on BBM for BlackBerry 10. When in a BBM video chat, simply tap the Screen Share icon to get started. And once you’re ready to stop sharing your screen, it’s just as easy to return to basic video chat while continuing conversation. Get started with Screen Share here.
  3. Easier to work on the go. With Screen Share you can share business documents from your BlackBerry 10 device the same way you’d share documents from your office computer. Share PowerPoint presentations while simultaneously conversing with coworkers over video chat. For more information on using Screen Share for business, head to the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog.
  4. Deeper communication with friends and family. Want to look at photos from a party while recounting the night with a family member? Screen Share allows you to share these experiences instantaneously.
  5. Real time engagement. BBM has always been a vehicle for real-time communication, and with Screen Share and other new BBM features, BlackBerry has taken messaging beyond real time chat and into real time engagement.

What do you think? How will Screen Share make YOUR life more efficient? Let us know in the comments below!

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