BlackBerry 10 Now Offers More Than 100,000 Applications


Application catalog grows by more than 30,000 apps in seven weeks

BlackBerry App World is now BlackBerry World

Since launching BlackBerry 10 back on January 30th we’ve seen a lot of great momentum from our customers, our fan base and, of course, developers. The developer journey, however, goes far beyond the launch date. Because of the amazing dedication from our community, and global developer BlackBerry Jam series we were able to launch with over 70,000 apps. Today we’re happy to announce that in just seven weeks since launch that number has grown by 30,000. The application catalogue for BlackBerry 10 has reached 100,000, and there are an increasing number of top brands coming onboard as well.

Today, Amazon Kindle, OpenTable and The Wall Street Journal are available to BlackBerry 10 customers and in the coming weeks CNN, The Daily Show Headlines, eBay, eMusic, Maxim, MLB at Bat, MTV News, Pageonce, PGA, Rdio, Skype, Soundhound and Viber will be available for download or purchase.

And our BlackBerry World Wednesday series has already covered some of these amazing titles that are available right in the BlackBerry World storefront for BlackBerry 10: 8tracks, Angry Birds Star Wars, ATP World Tour Live, BBC Top Gear News, Bloomberg Anywhere, CBS Sports, Delta Air Lines, F1 2013 Timing App CP, Facebook, Foursquare, Jetpack Joyride, Keek, LinkedIn, Navita Translator, Need for Speed, NHL GameCenter, N.O.V.A. 3, The New York Times, PressReader, Slacker, Songza, Twitter, UFC, USA TODAY, Waze, WhatsApp, and Zara.

Here’s what Martyn Mallick, Vice President, Global Alliances at BlackBerry had to say of the announcement:

“The response to the BlackBerry 10 platform and applications has been outstanding. Customers are thrilled with the applications already available, and the catalog just keeps growing, now with more than 100,000 apps,” said Martyn Mallick, Vice President, Global Alliances at BlackBerry. “Top brands and application providers are joining us every day and are seeing the benefits of being early supporters of the new platform. We constantly hear from developers that the BlackBerry 10 tools are easy to build with and that we provide opportunities for app differentiation that they do not see on other platforms.”

Read the full press release here and if you haven’t checked out the BlackBerry World storefront for BlackBerry 10 – head over and see these great apps for yourself. Let us know what your favorite apps are in the comments.

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