Is that the new BlackBerry Z10? Can I see it?


I’ve been seen out in public using my BlackBerry Z10 for a while now, and I’ve noticed a trend with my friends, family, strangers on the street—and really anyone who notices me using my smartphone. Everyone wants to test it out. When I was in New York City last week for the U.S. launch, I was even stopped in a restaurant and asked about it.

Here are the most common reactions and questions when giving my BlackBerry Z10 a test drive:

“Wow. The screen is bigger than I pictured and the device feels comfortable in my hand.”

When people get their hands on my BlackBerry Z10, they almost always mention how natural the peek gesture feels when first learning how to navigate through the device. I think many don’t realize how easy it is to truly use this device with one hand.

“Can I test the Time Shift camera?”

I LOVE showing people this feature in greater detail. Many people are shocked to learn that not only can you shift the image of the person’s face, but also on the larger picture too. A lot of my friends have small children, and the general consensus is the BlackBerry Z10 has the best camera for capturing photos of their wiggly little kids.

“Is BBM Video Chat and screen sharing as seamless to use as I saw during the live launch?”

“It sure is,” is how I respond to this question. I typically call fellow Community Manager, Donny to showcase this one. He’s always good for a screen share that features his dog, George.

“Does the keyboard actually learn how you type?”

I love showing off this feature, primarily because it’s very clear this keyboard is already used to my typing patterns. For example, when typing that I’m laughing I always use “ha ha”. So when I type ‘ha’ the suggestion above the “H” is almost always a repeat of ‘ha’. I like to laugh, what can I say?

“What do you think about having all of your messages in one spot? Is it distracting?”

I think people have seen what the BlackBerry Hub can do, but I’ve started wondering how people feel about having literally every message being listed in one area. Many people don’t realize you can pick and choose which accounts are brought into the BlackBerry Hub. It’s also great to see the look on their faces when they see that you can sort by account too. It’s Always a great crowd pleaser.

These are the reactions and questions I get most.

What are you most excited about with your BlackBerry Z10?

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  • Abrol

    Very very useful and good features , I like BlackBerry.

  • thor

    Simply put this is the Best phone on the market! The ease and flow from app to app is amazing and the browser is to die for super fast! Will definitely take BlackBerry to the top again graphics are fantastic really this phone is the best and I also am speaking as a user of apple and android devices for the last 5 years I no longer use them and if and when I do find myself swiping

  • David

    Am in Kenya and I need one, how can I get it.

  • jeff

    I phoners are dumb founded when they press the microphone as if it was a home button, lol!

  • Manny

    I love my Z10 but what guys me most excited is the HUB. BLACKBERRY always had the ability to keep all the messaging in one area but now it’s even greater with all the social media and peek features added.

  • http://insideblackberry Amanda

    I’m using the Blackberry Z10 but can’t figure out how to put the APN settings.

  • MartinJdub

    I get many of the same questions regardless if it’s my beloved Z10 or the newer Q10, its a pleasure enlightening people.

  • TG1

    I used BBM video today with my wife in Safeway to help pick out the right cheese that she wanted. The signal was so clean and clear it was amazing no jitters, no stutter. We were both amazed how simple and easy it was to use. Well done BlackBerry!!

  • arif hasan

    I love the OS style. I mean the gesture, the style of functioning is too cool and easy. And most importantly I like my Z10’s shape. Its easy too hold and operate. There’s a lack in app world but I get all of my necessary apps here except Viber, Tango and Opera Mini browser. Hope this will available soon.

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