BlackBerry Picture Editor: Top 5 things you should know



Whether you’re a professional photographer or a picture-editing novice, the BlackBerry 10 camera has several features worth exploring. I’ve already shared key information about Screen Share and Story Maker, and today I’d like to further educate you about the benefits of BlackBerry Picture Editor.

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

1. Easy editing. Picture Editor is extremely intuitive. Once you pick an image to edit from your photo library, you can open the Picture Editor software by simply tapping the Edit icon.
2. Awesome effects. With Picture Editor, there are four categories you can use to edit images and add effects:

  • Transform – Rotate images left or right, flip vertically or horizontally, crop to a few different set sizes
  • Enhance – Adjust brightness, balance, contrast, sharpness, saturation
  • Artistic – Add a variety of filters
  • Styles – Add borders

3. Live Preview. Picture Editor allows you to experiment with different filters without committing to the affects. All you have to do is drag filters up and down an image.


4. Built-in. Picture Editor is native to BlackBerry 10 OS, which means you don’t have to pay or search for an editing app.
5. Easy sharing. When you save a photo with Picture Editor, you can share to several social networks with the tap of a button.


As you can see, with BlackBerry Photo Editor, it’s remarkably easy to create professional-looking pictures right on your BlackBerry 10 device. If you haven’t experimented with Picture Editor already, check out this video to get started. Let us know what you think!

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