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This may just be due to the fact that I had lunch with IBB for Business blogger Luke this week; or maybe I’ve just got business apps on the brain because I’ve grabbed a couple of good ones for my Z10 this morning. Whatever the reason, I’ve been doing a bit of research on business apps lately, and I wanted to share ten of my newly discovered gems with you. If you happen to find yourself with enterprise on the brain after reading this and jamming on some of these apps, pay Luke a visit for more BlackBerry business goodness. Ready for the list? Great, let’s go!

  1. Vault Password Manager by XLabz Technologies Pvt Ltd: If you spend any time online at work, you have passwords. If you have passwords, you know how frustrating it is to forget a password, so you end up writing them down, compromising your security in the process. Consider Vault your encrypted digital notepad of passwords that is far more secure and just as accessible.
  2. Business Cards for BlackBerry 10 by Saper-ek: How many times have you come home from an event with business cards from and could not remember why you needed to connect with them? Using the Business Cards app, you can scan them in and make notes, saving hours of guesswork.
  3. Hide Files for BlackBerry 10 by Runisoft Ltd.: Hide Files is perfect if your company uses one device for multiple people, or if you simply want to keep your data safe from snoops. This app allows you to hide photos, videos, documents, music and any other type of file in your SD Card or in your device’s memory. Of course if you’re using your own BlackBerry 10 device with BlackBerry Balance, you already have a pretty cool way of keeping your personal things personal.
  4. Find Near Me by XLabz Technologies Pvt Ltd: Here’s a familiar situation for me: An important client is coming into the office and is staying for a working dinner. The problem is that you’re unfamiliar with the fancy restaurant scene around the office, and this is a meal where you need to impress. Find Near Me is an app that helps you locate a variety of places – from Restaurants to Wi-Fi hotspots – near your location. Using the app’s detailed information about the location, you are sure to find a place to impress your client and look like a hero at the office.
  5. A Day in Life by XLabz Technologies Pvt Ltd: Ever have a great idea, or think of something you just have to write down at that moment? There have been times I’ve been on the road and thought, “I have to remember to do this when I get home” so I BBM, text or email it to myself. A Day in Life allows you to jot down your free-form thoughts in a digital journal for later reference.
  6. SayIt by BachKhoa University: If you ever find yourself needing a personal assistant, organizer, encyclopedia, or a dictionary while on the go with your BlackBerry Z10, you are going to want SayIt. Offering all of these features plus a 25 language translator, SayIt is a veritable Swiss knife of usefulness. This app is part of the Built for BlackBerry program, and you can find a handy video demo right here.
  7. Stocks for BlackBerry 10 by Alex Garipian: Day traders, night traders, bulls and bears all will love this BlackBerry 10 app. True to its name, Stocks for BlackBerry 10 helps you track your stocks, monitor your portfolio when the market is open, and after hours trading after the markets close.
  8. NYTimes for BlackBerry10 by The New York Times: Even if I can’t yet consider myself a native New Yorker(maybe a “Canadian port?”) I can still keep up with the news there. This app syncs the news and give you limited access for free, with a small fee to open up the whole pizza pie.
  9. TV for BlackBerry 10 by Television TV and Video Tablet Apps: Keeping up with the news is an essential part of my job, and I appreciate the multitude of channels this app provides for me to watch. I can catch news reports from around the world with the TV app on my BlackBerry Z10 as well as use the PlayBook version to watch TV on a larger screen if I want.
  10. Print My Files by Runisoft Ltd.: Print My Files is a slick and easy way to print from your mobile device just as you would if you were sitting at your desk. You can also use PMF to connect directly to a Wi-Fi printer and print documents on your device right from your BlackBerry device.

There you have it, 10 of the more useful apps I’ve seen hit BlackBerry World for business folks of all stripes. If you have any that you use or you think I missed, share them in the comments!

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