BBM Video: Top 5 Things You Should Know


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Arguably, the most significant BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) innovation on BlackBerry 10 is the Video Chat feature. Built on multifaceted technology, BBM Video is intended to provide BlackBerry 10 users with a first-in-class video chat agent. As you start exploring BBM Video, keep these key points in mind to help optimize your BlackBerry 10 experience:

  1. Seamless transition between text and video. It’s extremely easy to initiate a video chat with a BBM contact. When in a text-based BBM conversation, simply tap the video icon on the chat screen to start talking face-to-face. BAM!
  2. Screen Share. In addition to being able to make audio and video calls through BBM, you can share the screen of your BlackBerry 10 device while continuing your conversation. This allows you to chat in real time about a photo album, business document or website.
  3. High quality audio. BBM Video has stereo and wide-band audio technology. This means that two people can talk at the same time without canceling each other out.
  4. Cinematic experience. You can rotate your BlackBerry 10 device while BBM video chatting. This way, you can share you surrounding in portrait or landscape mode when conversing with a contact face-to-face over BBM.
  5. Front or rear-facing cameras. When in BBM Video, you switch between the front or rear-facing cameras on your BlackBerry 10 device. Which lens is more slimming (ha!) – you pick!

Okay, now you can stop reading and start chatting. Let us know what you think about BBM Video in the comments below!

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    Sounds great! Can’t wait till its available on android. I have a bb z10. But my wife in the philippines has a Samsung Dous

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    My wife is a consultant. I am an account sales rep. We have 2 smal boys, Oscar (4yrs) and Edward (3yrs) My wife leaves on a Monday morning and returns on Friday. I ussually have 1-2 nights away from home per week with my work. We have been doing this for about 5 years. Just after Christmas, we hit the skids. She was on a bad project, I was having issues with our boys and we both thought that we needed to make signifigant changes with our work in order to get our home life manageable. Enter the BB10 and video chat. BBvideo chat has kept us connected better than we have ever felt in the past few years. My wife and I and the boys, at a moments notice can see and talk to each other. There is a lot to be said to be able to see your loved one’s form their mouth around the words “I love you”. Seeing the new haircuts and a clean palte after dinner are big deals when you feel like you are missing out by being away. Bb video chat is changing our lives. For the better.

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    My fiance I and live in difference states, he has the Z10 and once I get my Q10 we’ll be able to video chat multiple times a day! Thanks Blackberry, we love your products🙂

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    When will be BBM Video available for BB ios7.0 like 9790 and 9900?

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