New BlackBerry Q10 is Now Available and the Tech Reviews are In



Today is THE day that the first customers will start to get their hands on the new BlackBerry Q10 in the UK and next week, in Canada, on May 1. Throughout the week we’ve let you know where and when it will be available first, what went into the design and what our favorite features are. Now it’s time to hear from the tech media.

Like me, they’ve had their hands on the beautiful BlackBerry Q10 with full QWERTY keyboard. Turns out I’m not the only one who was impressed by the device and how well it performs as a daily driver. Physical keyboard lovers, meet your new match! Here’s what the press had to say:

BlackBerry Q10 Reviews:

    • “The Q10’s superb keyboard and message-handling capabilities make it a perfect match. Its long battery life and comfortable keyboard may be what you’ve been holding out for, and the inclusion of BlackBerry 10.1 is extra icing on the cake.” –


    • “The BlackBerry Q10 is clearly the top smartphone for people who want QWERTY physical keyboards. It is no question the most refined device in the class. This is the BlackBerry 10 device physical keyboard lovers have been waiting for.” –

    • “BlackBerry has done well by QWERTY fans by bringing a handset to market with a killer keyboard and modern operating system.” –

      LAPTOP Magazine

    • “I’ll come right out and say it: no phone on the market offers a better combination of speed and accuracy for entering text.” –

      New York Times

  • “an email, messaging, and productivity beast.”… “It’s a delight to type on. I haven’t used a physical keyboard in ages, but the keys are designed so well that I was flying.” –

    Business Insider

  • “BlackBerry has a lot of experience making keyboard phones, and it shows in the Q10.” –


  • “In terms of smartphones with a physical keyboard, the Q10 is in a class of its own.” –


  • “Perhaps the most interesting surprise about the Q10 is how insanely fast it is.” –

    The Globe And Mail

  • “This is a modern day smartphone with a keyboard that people will be PROUD to carry, use and show off.” –

The press have had their say — now it’s time to have yours, #TeamBlackBerry. Be sure to leave your comments about the new BlackBerry Q10 below.

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