My First Week with the New BlackBerry Q10


BlackBerry Q10 on bench

Even though I’ve been fortunate enough to have my hands on a BlackBerry Q10 for quite some time, it wasn’t until just last week that I made the switch and started using it as my “daily driver”. In order to describe my experience in one word … I needed to invent a new word. So, I’m coining the phrase “Awesotypetastic” to describe this iconic new device from BlackBerry.

There are a ton of features that make this one of my favorite BlackBerry smartphones of all time, and as the first BlackBerry 10 device to feature a physical keyboard, it has some big shoes to fill.

Since launch I’ve been covering just what an interesting and powerful new mobile experience BlackBerry 10 is. With features like peek, the BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Flow built-in, the BlackBerry Q10 combines a classic BlackBerry keyboard and the power of BlackBerry 10. This experience translates well onto the BlackBerry Q10 and it brings some new innovations to market that improve productivity and are enabled by the physical keyboard.

After one week with the device here are three of my favorite new features:

Instant Action

From the home screen on the BlackBerry Q10, just start typing a command on the physical keyboard to initiate the action. For example, if you want to BBM one of your contacts type “BBM + ” to enter BBM and start your conversation. You can also do this for a number of other actions. I particularly found this useful when using the phone one handed.

Instant Action Commands

Keyboard Shortcuts

BlackBerry fans will no doubt appreciate the return of keyboard shortcuts to the device. Simple things like hitting “T” to jump to the top while in the BlackBerry Hub, or hitting “C” to compose a new message add up and help you keep moving quickly and fluidly through the device.

BlackBerry Q10 keyboard

Timeless Design

The BlackBerry Q10 is a serious machine. It is built solid with premium materials and components. As soon as I held the BlackBerry Q10 in my hand it was clear to me everything had been specifically chosen for the Q10 to make every inch purpose-built. It is slim, yet solid and the beautiful glass weave back cover on the black color variant is thinner, lighter and stronger than plastic. Combined with the optimized new darker background in apps like Contacts, Remember, BBM, Search, Text Messaging, Adobe Reader, the experience is stunning inside the software and out.

BlackBerry Q10 profile

There you have it, my first impressions and favourite features of the BlackBerry Q10 device. For more information on BlackBerry 10 be sure to check out my Top 5 things to Know about BlackBerry Q10 post, and definitely check out our introduction to the new BlackBerry Q10 post from launch. Do you plan on picking up a new BlackBerry Q10 when it becomes available in your region? Let us know in the comments below.

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