How HTML5 Apps Can Match a Native Experience


I was recently talking with a friend—one who’s not altogether tech-savvy—and he asked what makes BlackBerry 10 a different experience from other mobile devices. I talked about many of the new features such as BlackBerry Flow and BlackBerry Hub, and I also mentioned better navigation and the smoothness and power of the HTML5 support built into the BlackBerry 10 operating system. At that, he stopped me and asked, “I can already use a ton of apps on my smartphone. Can HTML5 make mobile apps work faster?”

What a great question! The best way I can answer this question is by example. For instance, if you’ve ever been prompted to allow a game or quiz access or post to your Facebook page, you’ve most likely just engaged a Facebook (HTML-based) app. Even signing into your Facebook or Twitter profile from another website using OpenID or OAuth engages a web app of sorts.

The HTML5 support built into BlackBerry 10 is designed to enable web apps to function faster and smoother. It’s this tight integration that allows web apps to look and feel like native apps, while leaving things like processor and memory on the device and to support native apps. So running HTML5 apps on your BlackBerry 10 device will indeed make the mobile apps run faster, while not making the native (apps) restless.

What are your thoughts on web apps and BlackBerry 10? Let us know in the comments.

For an even more basic explanation of the above, check out this post titled “Inside HTML5 and the New BlackBerry 10 Web Browser

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