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As you probably have guessed, I watch my data usage closely. Because of that, I take any chance I can to jump on Wi-Fi while still staying secure (WPA2, FTW!). I’ve even gotten in the habit of downloading larger apps over my home Wi-Fi to avoid the data hit. It’s a great way to save data use, but let’s face it, not all Wi-Fi is created equal. So what are some of your favorite Wi-Fi spots that aren’t at home? I’d like to share a few of mine, and then open the comments up to hear from you.

  • Coffee Shops: Espresso, Internet, a diverse group of people…does it get any better? Whether relaxing at a chain or taking advantage of the local brew, I’m definitely a fan of the one-two punch of java and browsing.
  • Libraries: Remember libraries? Well, many of them offer Wi-Fi now, and they are much quieter than a coffee shop, so hang here if you’re diving into research. (Probably not a good place for Plants vs. Zombies.)
  • Restaurants: Like a coffee shop, they’re going to want you to buy something, but with many fast-food places offering free Wi-Fi, it’s a small price to pay. Most of the Wi-Fi is pretty speedy as well, so you can download an app before you finish your cheeseburger.

I’m sure there are plenty of other hotspot hot spots in your neighborhood; feel free to add to this list by sharing your favorite places in the comments below.

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