BlackBerry Live 2013 Thursday Morning Brief: Wrapping it Up with Sessions, Certification, and More [VIDEO]


What a week! We’ve seen a lot of exciting news come out of BlackBerry Live and BlackBerry Jam Americas this week including app launches and announcements, partner demos, the future vision for BlackBerry from Thorsten Heins, and more. Today we wrap up BlackBerry Live with a flourish – be sure to check out the hands-on labs, breakout sessions, the BlackBerry Store, and the Showcase. Check out the video below for today’s morning brief:

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

If you missed the keynote general sessions, you can replay the full videos for BlackBerry Live and BlackBerry Jam and their respective web sites.

Make sure that you check out the daily specials in the BlackBerry Store, including HS250 Bluetooth headsets, and microfiber pockets for BlackBerry Z10 smartphones.

What are you most looking forward to today? Share in the comments below.

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  • Michael Fitzgerald

    I would like to hear a definite time frame for the roll out of BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook.

  • sHam

    Any updates for BlackBerry PlayBook?

  • http://browser sharifa

    I want bbm now

  • Jane Cunningham

    I have been watching and hoping BB would revive. My husband purchased a truck from KIA Brantford and he decided to bring home a free gift, BB PlayBook. It was a learning curve but I love my PlayBook. I was planning to buy a new BB Phone but they were postponed. As I learned more about PlayBook, I gave up my Android phone and bought BB Bold and now I can connect PB with Bridge etc.
    All this to say, what is happening with the PlayBook? I’ve heard that BB is not making them anymore? Is there an update coming? I am running
    I am now a dye heart BB user. I will update my Bold but I have too much money left in my contract.
    I had one of the first Windows touch PPC’s, One of the first Android touch Smartphones (not sure it was called a smart phone at the time). The Bold is the first keyboard that I have had for a long, long time. I love the BB Bold keyboard and of course the touch feature that I have loved before they became popular.
    Now because of BBPB, I am a BBBold user. Please do not leave the PlayBook behind. I know there are many, many PlayBook users that must feel the same way.
    As an aside, I would be very, very interested in becoming tester for new phones, PlayBooks etc.

  • http://odnjgffslfgftxd محمد


    • http://odnjgffslfgftxd محمد


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