The “BlackBerry Scholars” Program – Helping Women Champion Their Ambition



UPDATE 09/03/2013:
We are excited to announce that our ten innovative and inspiring women have been selected for scholarships. You can learn about these women of the future and the BlackBerry Scholars Program by visiting And don’t forget to tell us about the women who inspire you in the comments below. — D.H.

Every day, women around the world are helping to lead, transform and innovate in the fields of technology and science. BlackBerry and Alicia Keys want to celebrate these leaders and help encourage young women to explore the opportunities presented in the STEM fields.

This morning, BlackBerry and Alicia Keys have announced the creation of  the BlackBerry Scholars Program, a scholarship program designed to inspire women to enter fields of study that will shape the future of technology and mobile computing.

Starting today, women around the world entering four-year degree programs in accredited colleges and universities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with an interest and/or aptitude in the mobile computing space are encouraged to submit their application nominations for scholars for the 2013 school year.

The BlackBerry Scholars Program will provide full, four-year tuition scholarships to outstanding women globally who are seeking degrees at accredited colleges and universities in the areas of STEM with a particular interest or aptitude in the area of mobile computing.  This scholarship program is the first step in BlackBerry’s long-term commitment and multi-tiered strategy to engage young women at every step of their education from high school to college, and as they rise through the workforce.

Applications for the 2013 school year will be accepted online only and will be due by 5pm EDT on June 26, 2013. To learn more about the “BlackBerry Scholars” Program and the nomination and application process, please visit .

For more information on other projects that BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director Alicia Keys is working on please visit

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  • jorden

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  • alpha

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  • Margaret Mouton

    Please contact me on my email address I am very much interested in the programme

  • Noluthando

    I think this is a good but such a great opportunity to make women world wide to be acknowledged and yet recognised in the BlackBerry Scholars”.I hope who ever gets this opportunity will grab it with both hands and utilise the most of it.

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  • zainoera

    Hi zainoera

    Hi is this for any course one would like to do as well as rewritting a matric. I’d like to do a course in salon/hairdressing work if possible how do I go about it?


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  • Penny Bristow

    I am a member of the Northern California WITO. I am starting to work with the career explorations teachers in our school district I would love to make them aware of this great scholarship opportunity. Do you have any posters or small flyers I could bring with me to the classrooms?

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  • Kla

    Great job!

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  • gustisyamsukg

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  • Louisa Maria Watermeyer

    Good day, I am so proud of BlackBerry and Alicia Keys to have lauched such an initiative! Do you perhaps have opportunities for young women who have just graduated or is about to graduate in one of these fields as well? I have just completed my BSc in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Africa and will be graduating in June 2013. I would appreciate it very much if you could please let me know. Thanks.🙂

  • layi agboola

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  • fridah

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  • Johan Roos

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  • Thuso

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