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Summer is just around the corner and things are really heating up with the Unity BlackBerry 10 Open Beta announcement and many new exciting offerings in BlackBerry World! Unity is making it easy for any developer to bring their games to mobile devices – including the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones – and the upcoming BlackBerry Q5 smartphone. Unity is a powerful engine for gaming that let’s you have some amazing experiences in mobile and beyond.

You might recognize many of the titles developers have already brought to BlackBerry World that are built on the Unity platform:

Air Attack, CreaVures, Dark Nebula: Episode One, Fractal, Gravity Lab, Psychoban, Roboto, Samurai II Vengeance, SHADOWGUN and Sushi Chop

But in true BlackBerry World Wednesday fashion, here’s a list of many of the new titles to hit the BlackBerry World storefront this week. Head on over to BlackBerry World and kick off your summer with these awesome apps and games:

BlackBerry Z10 Apps:

Business & Finance:


Navigation & Travel:

Health & Fitness:

BlackBerry Q10 Apps:


Photos & Video:

News & Information


Shopping Tools & Utilities:

Food & Drink:

BlackBerry Dev Picks of the Week:

Here are the top 5 ‘must-haves’ apps according to our developers here at BlackBerry:

  1. Haunted Factory Hidden Objects Quest Kids Game (WHRMedia) “Sports application game– it’s more interesting because the application provided a story line.”
  2. Zeeek Run (Midgar Studio) “Amazing game with cool graphics and powerful sound make this game really attractive.” “Great runner game and have a lot of levels.”
  3. Basic Theme for BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 (rak theme) “Great app to spice up your Z10 and Q10 display. It has numerous themes you can apply for your phone.”
  4. Wallpapers Cafe (nextGen) “Nice wallpaper app with lots of HD quality image selection to choose for your devices.
  5. 50 Home Workouts (Qubical) “With this app you can manage task, organize the way you want to, plan your time and locate your task, really complete and simple for organize your time and schedule.”

Latest App News: Keep an eye out for MTV News, Money Center and Sesame Street apps which will be available on the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 in the upcoming weeks.  Also coming soon to the BlackBerry Q10: Vueling Airlines, Yellow Pages, Ultimate History Quiz, Manulife Insure Right and Fly Porter apps.

For a look at all BlackBerry 10 apps, head to BlackBerry World. and let us know what your favorite apps and games are on BlackBerry 10.

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