Five Tip Friday – BlackBerry 10 Browser Tips Part 2


It’s the first day of summer, #TeamBlackBerry, and we’re kicking off the weekend with another list of BlackBerry 10 Browser tips!

Didn’t catch the first list? Check out our BlackBerry 10 Browser tips post for more tricks you’ll want to know about!

1. Sharing is caring

Want to share that hilarious GIF with your best friend? Sharing the page you’re viewing on your BlackBerry 10 device is really easy, just tap the action key in the bottom right corner and select Share. From this menu you’ll be able to select a variety of options such as BBM, Facebook, BlackBerry Remember, etc.

Don’t forget you can use NFC to share as well! For example, let’s say you are looking at a really good article and you want to share the URL with your colleague who sits next to you. Provided your colleague’s device supports NFC, instead of copying and pasting the URL into a conversation, tap Share followed by NFC. After bumping devices, your colleague will get a prompt asking if they’d like to open the URL.

2. Clear your browser history

Did you do some secret shopping and forget to turn on Private Browsing first?? If so, here’s how to clear your browsing history!

  1. Open the browser
  2. Tap the action key followed by Settings
  3. Tap Privacy and Security
  4. Tap one or both of the following options:
    • Clear History
    • Clear Cookies and Other Data


Tip: Not sure how to enable Private Browsing? Check out our post on how to turn on private browsing in BlackBerry 10.

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