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Happy Friday #TeamBlackBerry! Today’s topic: five tips for managing files on a BlackBerry 10 device.

After checking out the tips, please leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite. Or if it isn’t listed already, add your favorite tip below!

1. Copy, Move, Select More, Rename, Add Folder and more!

It’s really easy to manage and organize files on your device thanks to the powerful File Manager app. Here are a few options that every BlackBerry 10 device owner should be familiar with:

  • Select More – If you need to work with several files and folders at the same time – e.g. if you would like to create a Zip file of some pictures you took – all you need to do is tap and hold the first file or folder and then tap Select More from the action menu that appears on the right. After doing this, you can select the additional files and folders you want by tapping their icons.
  • Copy or Move – To copy or move files and folders, tap and hold the item or items (see Select More), then tap Copy or Move from the action menu. Navigate to the desired storage location using the context menu in the bottom left corner, then tap the Copy or Move buttons along the top of the screen to complete the action.
  • Renaming Files & Folders – Tap and hold the item you’d like to rename and select Rename from the menu along the right.
  • Adding Folders – Browse to the location where you’d like to create the new folder, tap the action key in the bottom right corner and then select Add Folder.
  • Sort Options – To change the default sort option, tap the action key in the bottom right corner followed by tapping Sort. After doing this, select your desired Sort and Order options to customize how your files and folders are displayed.
  • Share – Tap and hold the file you’d like to share and then tap the action key in the bottom right corner and select Share. A menu will appear with available sharing options such as email, BBM or (my personal favorite) NFC!

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