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Onstage at BlackBerry Live 2013, Thorsten Heins said “No one makes keyboards better than BlackBerry.” This could be true whether you opt for the BlackBerry Q10 with a physical QWERTY keyboard, or the BlackBerry Z10 with an innovative onscreen keyboard.

Each keyboard design has its own unique advantages, and each has its own set of fans. So, which camp are you in? Are you all about the accuracy of the physical keyboard, or do you prefer the versatility of the virtual keyboard? I’ll highlight a few of the differences below, but I want to hear about what you think about the two and why your fav is better.


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For those of you who just need to have a physical keyboard, the BlackBerry Q10 is designed to offer an unmatched typing experience. Now, you can pick one up in the U.S. and in many other regions around the world. The physical keyboard offers fast action and precise control over your typing. As I mentioned in an earlier post about the industrial design of the device, each key has been crafted with typing mechanics and ergonomics in mind. With the physical keyboard you can build in shortcuts and with software like Instant Action on BlackBerry 10 the keyboard can help you navigate through your phone with ease and fluidity.


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The BlackBerry Z10 has a dynamic touchscreen that is large and perfect for viewing entertainment and browsing the web. This extra screen real-estate means that there are no physical keys to type on, so a keyboard is presented on the touchscreen when input is needed. The BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard definitely brings some innovative features including in-letter next word suggestion and shortcuts like “swipe left to delete”, which lets you quickly delete the last word you were typing with a gesture.

I still haven’t decided which side I’m on, so I find myself switching back and forth. But this isn’t about me – it’s about what you prefer, so sound off in the comments below with your thoughts and opinions on physical keyboard or virtual keyboard.

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  • Patrick Rebondy

    Having both Z10 and Nexus 4 I’m sorry to say the N4 keyboard is smarter than Z10.

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  • izalo

    i love android

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    Amo el coleo deporte nacional

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    Las 2. Uso la 8520. y la Curve.

  • avi

    Physical keyboard any blackberry model is good

  • http://na girdhari jha

    I think,,,we need a new qwerty keyboard styles because the physical and onscreen keyboard both are now old and its true that blackberry have good experiance of make innovative keyboard but its time to move on.
    I have a new innovative styles if blackberry want to know i can submit it.

  • http://yahoo. manish

    please Hindi keyboard for z10

  • Swaraj

    Physical Keyboard

  • Bhargav

    I’m using BB torch 9800 bt the virtual keypad is not turned onn! May I know the reason,why ?

  • http://Facebook Saswatasaha

    I prefer the physical keyboards of the bb 9900 and the q 10.the feedback on my finger tips makes me feel connected to what I write. It’s about feeling what you write . Touch screens are like unfulfilled desires,there’s no reciprocation but the keyboard is like touch ,feel ,type and feel the reciprocation of the keypads…it’s like emotion reciprocated.

  • Hanifah Emilia Harefa

    Blackberry Q 10 of course. Physical keyboard is more convenient. Touch screen is needed only for reading and browsing.

  • Jim Muma

    Physical. Works better with my thumbs. Love my track pad too

  • Grant-13

    I have been a BlackBerry fan for some time and loved the physical keyboard but I have both now. Bold 9780 for work and the Z10 for personal. I am enjoying both worlds. My preference is with the Z10’s predictive text.

  • raymond

    There is just something abt a physical blackberry physical keyboard its cool for chatting and these guys basically invented the qwerty; they should stick to making both virtual and physical keyboards

  • Janet

    As a longtime owner of BlackBerry with only real keyboards, I took the leap to the Z10. I have had it since the day they were available on Verizon and I am smitten!!! No regrets. Thank you BlackBerry for the Z10! Love it love it!

  • http://www.michaelhaggerty.ca Michael Haggerty

    I’ve got the Z and I love it but I’ve always thought the keyboard was key if you want to send me a Q I’ll try it and let you know

  • tiogang

    I love both! In short I have a passion for everything concerning concerning BLACKBERRY!!

  • arkad


  • http://twitter. Ron Kappus

    I own a Z10 and love it. When is BlackBerry going to start nationally advertising some of its unique features such as the keyboard and the hub? You guys aren’t giving this excellent device a fair chance.

  • Kyle

    Definitely Physical, but I still love the rest of the interaction by touchscreen or trackpad as i wish. The only phone I’d trade my Torch 9800 for is a Torch 9810.

  • Maryann fortin

    I prefer the z10 bigger screen

    • Maryann fortin

      I prefer the z10 bigger screen

  • J Bolt

    Physical keyboard. Blackberry is the best.

  • Shams Baharudin

    AlhamdulilLah (all praise to Allah). Thanks to the physical keyboard I can type faster.

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