A New BlackBerry 10.1 Update Available Starting Today


The BlackBerry 10 Launch Event to be held January 30, 2013

For those of you enjoying your shiny new BlackBerry 10 smartphone, we’re delivering another update to the BlackBerry 10 version 10.1 software that will be steadily rolling out on carriers around the globe. To bring software updates to you, we work closely with our carrier partners through a certification process.

Before we get into the features of the update we want to let you know up front when you can start to expect the update in your region. Note that carriers in some regions may take longer than others based on their individual processes. As you may know, we announced a BlackBerry 10.1 update at BlackBerry Live in May and some of you may have already downloaded that update. To be sure you’re getting all the goodness we’ve built-in since then, look for OS version number of / or higher to confirm you have the latest update. You can find the OS version number you are currently running by going to the System Setting, selecting About, then selecting OS from the drop down Category menu.

  • Asia Pacific: Starting July 29th
  • Canada: Starting July 29th
  • EMEA: Starting July 29th
  • Latin America: Starting Mid-August*
  • U.S.: Starting End of Summer

Why You’ll Want to Update BlackBerry 10:

Updating your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to this latest OS version is free and easy to do over a Wi-Fi network. There are hundreds of new enhancements, built into the update, but I’ll walk you through a few of the highlights.

BlackBerry Hub
New enhancements designed help you stay organized and in control of all your conversations:

• Quickly move between messages – Use a simple gesture to quickly move to the last or next message without having to return to the message list

• Jump to the last unread message – If you have a BlackBerry Q10 Pressing the ‘u’ key in the BlackBerry Hub will take you to the last unread message

• Email synchronization – ActiveSync and IMAP email users can adjust syncing preferences to keep emails on their BlackBerry smartphone for an unlimited time period

BlackBerry World
Search improvements help you find the apps, games and multimedia content you’re looking for. When you find that app – our new wish list feature helps you keep track of apps you want to download. Plus, this software update will automatically update your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to the most recent versions.

BlackBerry Balance
Manage work and personal conversations by letting you split out your work and personal accounts in to different views within the BlackBerry Hub.**

+more to discover
There are many more enhancements found in the new BlackBerry 10 version update, from the lock screen to language support for Chinese and Korean, improvements to BlackBerry Remember and lots more. The first step to discovering these new features is to update your BlackBerry 10 software. For all you die-hard mobile geeks out there that want to dig into the full feature list it’s available here for your reading pleasure.

Like I mentioned upfront, this will start rolling out shortly and will depend on your carrier and region. Again, updating is free and easy to do:

To update your BlackBerry smartphone to BlackBerry 10.1 software, look for the alert in the notifications section of the BlackBerry Hub. You can also check for software updates through the System Settings menu and selecting Software Updates. The download will happen in the background, so your information remains safe and you can continue to use your smartphone as it downloads. As always, we recommend you make a current backup of your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. For more information on how to update your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, visit BlackBerry.com/update

*Not all carriers will be releasing this update.
** Your IT administrator is required to enable this feature.

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  • Rodeopromo

    I just did the update on my z10 it froze for 45 minutes and I had to remove the battery 5 times before it rebooted when it finally rebooted the black berry hub was black and all my SMS messages were deleted then I message followed saying the update was not installed correctly I have been with your company for almost 10 years it’s getting really hard to stay loyal to a company that feels my business is less important than there’s

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  • ali

    Is it normal that my text message history is wiped after the upgrade? I also don’t see any additional info about this particular update. Is the URL supplies incorrect or was it meant to be generic info about 10.1?

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