BlackBerry Partners With Auto Makers to Advance Over-the-Air Technology


Credit to Alden Jewell, Auto Historian for the photo!

Auto technology has come a long way since the Model-T, but in the same way early vehicles required mechanical tune-ups, today’s modern cars—with 30 to 100 computers—need software maintenance and optimization. Using the same technology it uses to keep the software in its smartphones updated, BlackBerry is now working with car manufacturers to update vehicle software via wireless networks, known as over-the-air (OTA) communication.

Auto makers around the world are eager to adopt OTA technology as it can truly transform the vehicle experience—enabling and simplifying the delivery of new, compelling features to their customers long after the initial sale. Software updates can refresh a vehicle with new features and services as they become available, keeping the car up to date with the latest upgrades and capabilities. Drivers will also save time as system updates are delivered seamlessly and securely without the need to schedule maintenance appointments. And vehicle owners are just as enthusiastic. Last year, a Gartner survey revealed that 40 percent of owners would “definitely want to get” or were at least “likely to get” the ability for wireless software updates in a new car.

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    It sure would be nice it BlackBerry can OTA update their BB10 phones directly, like you do in the auto industry, without the telco approval delay.

    I have read that BlackBerry is trying to separate the radio code and the phone function code. Hoping some day, the direct OTA update from BlackBerry to their phones function code is possible.

    This can’t be happening soon enough.

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