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Balancing personal and professional lives is difficult for most of us, but our BlackBerry Fan of the Month, Chantal, leads more than a double life – she’s also a student finishing her degree in HR!

BlackBerry is Chantal’s secret weapon. Chantal tells us that organization is the key to success in all three parts of her life. And she finds her BlackBerry Q10 smartphone is the perfect tool to keep her affairs in order.

Chantal loves using the Hub on the BlackBerry Q10 to keep her work, school, and personal emails in order. She even “plays” on her BlackBerry in her down time, listening to music and surfing the web. In her own words, Chantal (@CBechervaise) can really “rock it” with her BlackBerry:

1. How many years have each of you been on Team BlackBerry?
Since 2010

2. How many BlackBerry devices have you both had in total? Could you list them all out for us?
3 – BlackBerry Curve 9300, BlackBerry Bold 9900 and now a BlackBerry Q10 (also have a BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB)

3. How many BBM contacts does each of you currently have?
17 – I know it does not seem like a lot but I am also beta testing BBM Channels. I love social media and I am on Twitter all the time as well as LinkedIn. So the idea of the BBM Channels and being able to broadcast short tidbits of information really appeals to me.

4. What are your favorite BBM emoticons?
I love anything with smilies. Reflects my personality and positive outlook.🙂

5. What is the best BBM either of you ever received?
During a chat where we were discussing ‘branding’ and I was given the following compliment; ‘So far, I would say your brand is smart, erudite and penetrating.’

6. If you could BBM your BlackBerry, what would you say?
You are my personal assistant and I’d be lost without you!🙂😛

How do you think your BlackBerry would respond?
Thanks …you have a meeting coming up and need to prepare ‘x’ for it and don’t forget to send out that email.

7. Chantal, we know that you’ve already gotten the BlackBerry Q10 – how are you liking it so far?
I LOVE IT!! I love the HUB and how I can separate work emails, personal emails, my Twitter feed and LinkedIn feed. I also love the multi-tasking functionality of it. Having up to 4 apps running at once is great! I switch back and forth between Blaq (Twitter app), LinkedIn, Crackberry and the Web browser effortlessly.  The camera takes great photos too. The screen resolution is awesome! The gestures are easy and fast. I can definitely rock it with my BlackBerry Q10!

8. As a business woman, how does BlackBerry keep you organized with your work, and make you more productive?
My life is definitely busy. Between my family, working full time and also going to school part time (currently taking 3 courses) I need to be organized. My BlackBerry Q10 and the BlackBerry Hub keeps my emails organized and separated by work, personal and school (plus I sneak in my social media feeds too.)  I love how I can easily take notes with my phone while at the same time have a conversation on the phone. I can easily add reminders and little sticky notes for work or school assignments. When I am having fun with the family I can take great pictures to capture special moments.  I also use it to check weather in the morning before leaving the house and to get updates on traffic. My  BlackBerry Q10 is always by my side.

9. And finally: Are you prepared to handle the fame that comes with being our Fan of the Month?
‘We’re constantly striving for success, fame and comfort when all we really need to be happy is someone or some thing to be enthusiastic about.’  (quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)  My ‘someone’ is my family and my ‘some thing’ is my  BlackBerry Q10.🙂

… [And] here is a little bit more of a background about me and my love of all things BlackBerry.🙂
I have been a fan of BlackBerry for a long time…way before I got my first BlackBerry. Since owning my first BlackBerry in 2010 I would never switch. I go around work talking about my BlackBerry and about how much I love it. I even help other co-workers with their BlackBerry related questions. I also own a BlackBerry PlayBook (which I love as well). I mentioned above I have a family, work full time and I am also back in school after ….well…after a long time working on completing my HR degree. My life is hectic and organization is key! I love being organized. My BlackBerry is key in keeping me organized and knowing with the where, what, who and how.

I take a commuter bus to work daily and use that time to ‘play’ on my Q10. From the moment I sit down until I get off I have my BlackBerry Q10 in my hands mostly reading and updating my social media feeds. I also read news headlines, blogs, and listen to music. This ‘me’ time is rejuvenating and keeps me inspired.

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Keep sharing your FOTM suggestions with us, either by leaving a comment below, tweeting to us @BlackBerry on Twitter, or posting on our Facebook page. Stay tuned – our August FOTM could be YOU!

About Donny Halliwell

Donny is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at BlackBerry and Former Editor-in-Chief for the Inside BlackBerry blogs. There's no disputing, #TeamBlackBerry is awesome. I'm pumped to have the opportunity to talk with you and bring you the latest and greatest from Inside BlackBerry every day. In my spare time, I can be found helping entrepreneurs and startup companies grow their business. I spend the rest, obsessing over the auto industry, or enjoying music. Follow me on Twitter or Google+

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    I would like to be considered for Fan of the Month at some point. I attend the University of Phoenix full time and am employed full time, and about half of my school work is performed on my BlackBerry devices. I have been a consumer of BlackBerry products since 2006 which has been well documented in an essay submitted to I believe in BlackBerry so much that I converted my fiance from an Android phone to a BlackBerry 10 device simply by helping her see the passion I do for the BlackBerry brand. I also own several BlackBerry products and many, many official accessories. I regularly contribute to BBM Channels,, have created YouTube tutorial videos, and spread the word about BlackBerry any chance I get. Thank you for your consideration.

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