LinkedIn App for BlackBerry 10 now Updated to v10.1.4



Today, we are happy to announce a new version of LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 smartphones is now available for download on BlackBerry World. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with your colleagues, search for job opportunities, network with peers in your industry, and to stay on top of the latest news. Read on for the new features included in today’s update.

LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 version 10.1.4

Let’s get right to the good stuff – a ton of new features are included in this new release of LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, available on the BlackBerry World storefront. Take a look at the list below and tell us your favorites in the comments.

  • Get More from your Recent Updates
    When you first open the app, your recent updates will now include posts from companies that you follow as well as job suggestions 
  • Auto Refresh
    The latest LinkedIn update automatically brings you fresh and up to date content. The automatic refresh gets the latest information from your contacts, groups and brands.
  • New Notifications
    When a page has content that has been updated since you last visited, you’ll see the BlackBerry spark icon. 
  • BBM Connected
    When you publish a new status update from your LinkedIn profile, you now have the option to post it to your BBM status. 
  • Search for Companies and Jobs
    On the “Companies” screen you can use the search icon to find out more and follow companies on LinkedIn. Why not start with BlackBerry? You also now have the ability to search for job listings on LinkedIn to explore your career opportunities. 

The LinkedIn apps for BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS smartphones can be used as powerful business tools, particularly with today’s updates and the brand new functionality packed into each. How do you use LinkedIn as a mobile professional? Share your tips, and what new feature you’re most excited about, in the comments below – and don’t forget to visit our BlackBerry company page and BlackBerry for Business discussion group on LinkedIn!

About Luke Reimer

@Luke_Reimer is a Senior Marketing Manager at BlackBerry helping to design, launch, and manage enterprise marketing programs - particularly concerning content across digital mediums. Beyond spreading BlackBerry goodness in enterprise communities, you can find Luke cooking up a storm, out on his motorcycle (when Canadian weather allows), or digging into a good science fiction book.

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