4 Simple Smartphone Accessories: Must-Haves that will Enhance your Life



It’s inevitable. No matter how many times I buy a new smartphone, I always find myself repeating the same mental checklist – and I can’t relax until everything’s been checked off.

 Perfect new smartphone (BlackBerry devices only!)

Transferring all contacts

 Amazing Accessories…?

It seems simple enough, but when I get to that last item, I freeze. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s sometimes harder to choose accessories for my smartphone than it is to actually choose the right smartphone. First, there is the case, which is essential to protecting my new purchase. It should also match my personal style, of course. But the real challenge begins when choosing the other accessories. The options are endless… and choosing the right few is where the fun begins. Rather than getting lost in the sea of possibilities, here are four of my favorite items to upgrade your entertainment standards.

4 Simple Accessories to enhance your life:

You don’t have to be an audio nerd to appreciate a good pair of headphones. Trust me, you’ll want to turn BlackBerry’s Premium Stereo Headset all the way up to eleven for a musical experience that sends your ears into the stratosphere.

Pro Tip: Jam out to Alicia Keys with iHeartRadio for BlackBerry 10!

HDMI Cable
The next time it’s your turn to host movie night, take out your BlackBerry and this formidable HDMI Cable, plug your smartphone into your TV, and BOOM – instantly stream HD movies for your family and friends on the big screen.

Pro Tip: Download Crackle for BlackBerry 10 so you can stream some of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Mini Stereo Speaker

With the Mini Stereo Speaker, you’ll probably never again want to pack that bulky stereo on your trip to the beach. They’re a lot lighter too. You’ll thank me later.

Pro Tip: You can use this as a standalone speaker, or use the built-in audio port to connect to a larger home audio, or vehicle system. Translation: Wireless music joy perfect for blasting tunes from your Songza account!

Battery Charger Bundle

With BlackBerry’s charger bundles (BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10), odds are, you won’t get caught with a dead battery when you’re taking vacation photos, or on that important conference call. Always be ready to go when you’re on the go by charging your BlackBerry and an extra battery at the same time.

Pro Tip: You know what they say, two batteries are better than one.


Take it from me, these accessories let you make the most of that valued personal time.

Amazing accessories…? Check.

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