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Ever feel as busy as that guy? With everything going on these days, it can be hard to remember to pick up my dry cleaning and brush my teeth, let alone plan the more fun aspects of life. That’s why I love Inside Hook’s new app, The Perfect Year. I can flip through awesome trip ideas like dune hang gliding or swimming in Victoria Falls right from my smartphone and save my favorites so I don’t forget anything. Even better, the app is practically my own personal assistant—I can add trips to my calendar or send them to my travel buddies to get them on board. And when you’re ready to pull the trigger on that shark diving expedition, you can set it up directly through the app. You’ll be jumping into that shark cage before you know it.


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So whether you’re actively planning your next vacation or just an armchair traveler looking to escape the working world for a little while, definitely check out the Perfect Year, and start crossing things off your bucket list today.

Hungry for more? Check out what else Inside Hook had to say about the Q10 and let us know which adventure you’re most excited about in the comments, or tweet us @BlackBerry.

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Donny is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at BlackBerry and Former Editor-in-Chief for the Inside BlackBerry blogs. There's no disputing, #TeamBlackBerry is awesome. I'm pumped to have the opportunity to talk with you and bring you the latest and greatest from Inside BlackBerry every day. In my spare time, I can be found helping entrepreneurs and startup companies grow their business. I spend the rest, obsessing over the auto industry, or enjoying music. Follow me on Twitter or Google+

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