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Below is a blog post from Dan Gärdenfors from the BlackBerry Sweden team
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Have you ever created a presentation on short notice? Have you ever wanted to create a presentation from scratch, only using your BlackBerry device? Then, you might like our new app called BlackBerry Express Beta. It introduces an entirely new way to create beautiful and efficient presentations on the fly. Watch this video to see what we mean.

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We find, today, people often get hung up on formatting details when preparing presentations. “What font should I use? What size should this image be? What colors should be used?” Wouldn’t it be better to just focus on what you want to say and let the tool help you turn your words into a stunning presentation? Since BlackBerry Express Beta takes care of all layout and formatting, it allows you to spend more time on your message when time is of the essence.

The app is designed to help you keep your content concise and clear. It keeps you completely mobile, from preparing the presentation to showing it on a big screen via Miracast or HDMI. Whenever you want to discuss a topic or pitch an idea, it is designed to help you communicate clearly and say one thing at a time to your audience.

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BlackBerry Express Beta is designed to shorten the presentation creation process to minutes vs. hours and the resulting graphics and animations are meant to ‘knock the audience’ off their feet. In the background, BlackBerry Express Beta takes care of all layout and formatting so you can spend more time perfecting the message or crafting an idea.

BlackBerry Express presentation

All BlackBerry devices running 10.2‎ with HDMI out can create high-quality, professional presentations on-the-go in just minutes with BlackBerry Express Beta. Give it a try for yourself and discover how this new tool helps you easily create and display stunning presentations right from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone!

Download it for free on BlackBerry World today!

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  • Neil Mispelaar

    This thing is bloody amazing.

    Normally I hate presentations, but now I can’t wait for my next one.

    Looking forward to more exciting themes/templates as well as an ability to share via BBM.

    Keep being awesome!

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    Guys this is awesome!!!! I made my first presentation with it today in my college in front of my colleagues about my final project and omg that was perfect!! Thank for supporting me

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    Cannot download free bbm app as stated on advertised website. Not good very misleading

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