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BlackBerry Fact Check

Flashy brochures, data-packed whitepapers and expensive reports are all common tools used in marketing today. Some vendors don’t properly validate their marketing claims nor include context in these types of materials. Customers need all the facts and skewing materials makes them feel duped not educated.

For example, take today’s #BBFactCheck on this Good Technology “whitepaper,” in which they compare themselves to a 2010-era BlackBerry. Four years passed is an eternity in technology years. Needless to say, Good needs to make some…tweaks. Since we’re the subject of this material, we thought we could provide some useful feedback and show Good what they’re actually trying to compete against.

Take a look at our suggestions for Good’s marketing team and click on the edits to learn more about how BlackBerry really compares.

BlackBerry, EMM, Whitepaper, BlackBerry Fact Check, Good Technology

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BlackBerry, EMM, Whitepaper, BlackBerry Fact Check, Good Technology

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Download the BlackBerry Fact Check here: BlackBerry Fact Check – Good Technology Comparison

About BlackBerry Fact Check

BlackBerry Fact Check is a place for BlackBerry to set the story straight on our products and our company. We are in a volatile, fast-moving industry, and misinformation – whether the source is a competitor, an analyst report or simply a rumor –creates uncertainty. In light of the inaccuracies and misleading comments flooding the public domain where BlackBerry is concerned, our best offense is to present the facts directly, and you can find them with #BBFactCheck. Follow the latest BlackBerry Fact Checks and share your suggestions with us in the comments, on social media with #BBFactCheck or by emailing

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