Multinational Insurance Company Switches to BES10 from MDM Competitor – Here’s Why

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Organizations from all business strata and geographies continue to migrate their mobility management operations to BlackBerry.

A multinational insurance provider recently made the move to BlackBerry Enterprise Services 10 (BES10) to reduce operational overhead and to distance itself from a well-publicized security failure involving a rival solution.

The company was already thinking of consolidating its multi-vendor mobility management environment when one of its single-purpose management platforms became the target of a security breach involving hundreds of iOS-based devices. Anxious to replace the compromised system, the company accelerated its search for a consolidated solution.

“That’s when BlackBerry picked up the ball,” says Glen Farrelly, enterprise sales leader with BlackBerry. “The company, a longtime BlackBerry customer, had already rolled out BES10 to portions of its user base requiring end-to-end security and strict regulatory conformance. Leveraging BES10’s multi-platform capabilities, the customer transitioned roughly 1,000 employees using iOS devices to the BlackBerry EMM solution…

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