Analyst: BES12 “The Most Comprehensive End-to-End Mobile Security Solution” Available



“For a theoretically dying company, BlackBerry has been very busy,” writes independent analyst Maribel Lopez in her Forbes column earlier this week. In fact, 2014 was ” a good year for BlackBerry,” she writes, due to our many “accomplishments” against our stated path of evolving into a full-fledged enterprise software and services firm.

Read our 2014 recap in the Business blog to get a 360-degree view of all our software and services news this year, though one release stands out: the launch of our multi-OS Enterprise Mobility Management solution, BES12, in November.

Lauded in a new independent report by Blue Hill ResearchBES12 “demonstrates its ongoing focus on enterprise-grade solutions through supporting multiple operating systems, devices, applications, and content. BES12 also delivers the deep mobile security that BlackBerry has traditionally supported. Blue Hill believes that BES12 provides BlackBerry with a new opportunity to become the centralized hub and ‘Command and Control Center’ of mobile management activity within the enterprise by supporting security and technology demands at a cost-effective price point.”

BES12 introduces a new, modern architecture that consolidates control of all mobile endpoints into a single, easy-to-use console, and is designed to make it easy to upgrade from a BES5 or BES10 environment. Read on or skip to the Slideshare document in the middle of this post which you can download in full.

Simplified Application Management

“BES12 is now a fully integrated multi-vendor Enterprise Mobility Management solution,” reads the report. “It is the most comprehensive end-to-end mobile security solution.”

Blue Hill Research cites the importance of application management, which it refers to as “an extremely hot topic in enterprise mobility, as both enterprise and individual users have become accustomed to downloading apps to solve any problem that could potentially involve a phone or tablet.” It praises BES12’s multi-platform approach that simplifies device and application management.

Top-Flight Security

And security? Blue Hill praises BlackBerry on that front, writing, “BlackBerry deploys encryption at every layer in the stack for end-to-end security.” BlackBerry’s “unique secure boot sequence with a hardware root-of-trust” prevents tampering, which stands in contrast to other vendor solutions.

“Considering the ease with which other device management and device security solutions have been jailbroken, avoided or removed due to their lack of embedded chipset security controls, this root-of-trust is vitally important as a core security value proposition for any smartphone or tablet that is tasked to be secure and compliant,” the report asserts.

BES12 Makes Good Financial Sense

Also important is that fact that BES12 makes for a relatively easy upgrade when coming from BES5 or BES10, which can be critical for regulated industries striving to maintain compliance with government standards.

As Blue Hill states: “Financial executives, especially in companies where mobility is a significant enabler or operational line item, should also be aware of the new BES12 announcement, since it represents a potential opportunity to quickly upgrade vital compliance and governance areas with little to no investment.”

The report continues, “Even if your financial officers are not holding a BlackBerry in their hand, it doesn’t mean that they cannot access BlackBerry-level security associated with BES12 [since] BlackBerry’s BES12 [secures] iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Windows Phone devices.”

Preparing for a Secure Future

Blue Hill believes BES12 is the EMM solution for the future (and the present):

“BES12 was designed to meet the goal that was thought to be BlackBerry’s long-term destiny: the best end-to-end security solution for enterprise mobility. In embracing this vision from a scalable, unified, and multi-platform perspective, BlackBerry has put a strong step forward for technical, financial, and line-of-business executives considering key mobility initiatives and projects in the near future.”

To find out more about BES12, go to, and read our brochure at

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