Updated: Keep Your Contacts Close — and BBM Contacts Closer — with the New BBM Update


BBMContacts(Updated April 28 with iOS availability) Your BBM contact list has been upgraded! Download the latest version of BBM today and start to take control of your social circles.

When you upgrade to the new BBM, you’ll find you have access to some new contact categories. There are now contacts and BBM contacts.

Contacts are people in your device’s contacts app who are already using BBM. You can start chatting with these contacts right away, no BBM invite required! This is a great way to discover other people you know who are already using BBM.

BBM Contacts require an invite. These are contacts that you have added to BBM. Only BBM contacts can see your BBM display picture and BBM status updates, and only BBM Contacts can call you using BBM Voice.

Watch this short video to see how it works.

This BBM update is available now for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10., and will be available soon for iOS. Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments below.

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