Q&A: See Why this BlackBerry-Loving Pilot Always Travels with Two Passports

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In a field as demanding as aviation, an all-in-one gadget that can help pilots while in the air is worth its weight in gold. In the field of geophysics, it is essential users have a device that is mobile as possible with a wide variety of features that enable them to contact important clients on the go.

That’s why Maxime Salman, a Geophysicist and Pilot, chooses the BlackBerry Passport. The Passport’s GPS-enabled mapping capabilities help Max fly to and from sites where he searches for commodities such as precious metals. Max also needed a device that doesn’t stop at the border or in harsh conditions.

Maxwell: How does the BlackBerry Passport help you on the job?

Salman: Even when I’m not on a project, I can still communicate with potential employers, contacts and clients – it’s so easy with the keyboard. I’ve owned a Q10, a Classic and now…

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