Roundup: What PRIV Buyers Are Saying On Facebook and Twitter

(Updated 12/02/2015)

The PRIV, BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone, has officially hit the market to rave reviews. People who’ve purchased and pre-ordered the device have found that there’s a lot to love about it – from the superior physical keyboard to the awesome battery life to the top-notch camera to BlackBerry’s focus on privacy. See for yourself what people who’ve experienced the device first-hand have to say on their favorite social forum:


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Comment: Att in my city is packed with ppl only checking the priv lol

Comment: I just bought one and it is amazing

Comment: I got the Priv Friday. So in 72 hours I can honestly say I love it.

Comment: It is really really amazing

Comment: I absolutely love mine

Comment: Great phone. Strengthens my faith in the company and hope it sells enough for a 2nd generation.

Comment: Picked one up. Works fabulous. Thanks blackberry

Comment: This phone is amazing, you guys have made a new Blackberry user out of me ^^

Comment: Just saw this at AT&T and it far exceeded my expectations!


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