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BlackBerry Fact Check

Not So Fast, Good

Good Technology announced a pilot of a split billing solution which it claims is a world’s first. Their announcement creates the impression that nobody in the industry is doing anything like it. Yet, BlackBerry announced WorkLife by BlackBerry back on November 13, a more complete solution that will be rolling out through carriers this year. Let’s take a closer look at what other important details are missing from Good’s announcement:


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Good’s solution seems to only apply to employee data — it doesn’t address voice or SMS. Yet, work phone numbers are an important company asset. When employees using a personal phone for work (BYOD) leave the company, they take their phone number with them—and customers, suppliers and other work contacts will keep calling the employee’s number, not the company’s. With WorkLife by BlackBerry, enterprises can assign a separate work number they own and control, and re-assign it to another employee device any time. Now work phone calls are made to the company, not the person.

Of course, WorkLife by BlackBerry also addresses the split billing issue. But, rather than only addressing data, WorkLife also makes it easy to split the cost of voice minutes, SMS and data used for work vs. used for personal. Companies are automatically billed for work related usage on the work line while employees pay directly for their personal usage. With a simple switch, employees can choose which line they want to use when placing a phone call, sending an SMS or using data like browsing the web or using apps.

For companies issuing corporate devices, WorkLife also allows employees to have both a work and personal line on a corporate phone, ending the need to carry two devices. And WorkLife offers a number of other key advantages, including straightforward billing and the ability to maintain split billing while roaming.

Good’s solution doesn’t address voice or SMS charges. It doesn’t ensure customer contact happens through phone numbers controlled by the company. And, it only partially creates a clear separation between all work and personal activities — unless, of course, your company doesn’t talk to anyone on the phone or SMS. As a solution it’s incomplete.

Don’t just chip away at part of the problem. Find a complete solution that gives employees separate work and personal phone numbers, SMS and data all on one smartphone: www.blackberry.com/worklife.