BlackBerry, T-Mobile Top 5 Questions

  1. Q: What will happen to my T-Mobile US BlackBerry?
  2. a. Your BlackBerry smartphones will continue to work after April 25, including voice and data functions, and you should see no interruption to your service. BlackBerry will work closely with T-Mobile to provide the best possible customer service to you if you remain on the T-Mobile US network or purchase devices from T-Mobile US’s existing inventory.

  3. Q: What if I choose to stay with BlackBerry but move to another carrier?
  4. a. We appreciate your loyalty and have worked with our preferred carriers to offer alternatives to stay with BlackBerry. Information is available at

    b. BlackBerry is also working closely with other carriers to provide consumers and business users with alternatives should they decide to transition to another carrier and remain with BlackBerry for their long-term device and service needs. We encourage you to visit these carriers for current offers on the latest BlackBerry devices.

  5. Q: Can I continue to purchase BlackBerry products from T-Mobile US?
  6. a. You can purchase BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 devices from T-Mobile US while supplies last. For the latest on availability, please contact T-Mobile US.

  7. Q: What if I need technical support or have questions about my T-Mobile US BlackBerry?
  8. a. Should you have any questions about your device, please contact T-Mobile US. You can also visit BlackBerry Support for answers to commonly asked questions.

  9. Q: Does this change affect all BlackBerry/T-Mobile relationships or just T-Mobile US?
  10. a. This change is related to T-Mobile US only. All other T-Mobile relationships are not impacted.