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BlackBerry Protect

Please welcome the BlackBerry® Protect team for a guest blog post to tell us all about the opening of the BlackBerry Protect beta, and some of the features included in the app! Take it away, team… – Ed.

Last year we introduced the world to BlackBerry Protect via limited beta. Throughout the beta, we received great feedback from the thousands of BlackBerry® Beta Zone users who tested out this personal data security solution, ultimately shaping it into what it is today.

Based on the tremendously positive feedback we’ve received on the improvements made to the product, I’m extremely happy to announce that we are opening the BlackBerry Protect beta. This beta is currently available in North America and some of Latin America only, although there will be further country rollout to come in the next couple of months! If you live in North America or Latin America and you weren’t able to be part of the original limited beta, you can now install BlackBerry Protect for free from the BlackBerry App World™ Test Center. You can also find it at the BlackBerry Protect web page, which is where you’ll need to go if you ever need help finding a misplaced BlackBerry® smartphone once the BlackBerry Protect device software has been installed (note: it may take up to 24 hours for BlackBerry Protect to appear in BlackBerry App World for some users. It will be available immediately on the BlackBerry Protect web page).

As a quick reminder, here’s a summary of what BlackBerry Protect offers:

BlackBerry Protect

BlackBerry Protect helps you find your smartphone and protect your important information by:

  • Assisting in locating your BlackBerry smartphone on a map via GPS and cell-tower triangulation
  • Locking and setting a device password
  • Activating a special loud ring to help find your smartphone, even if it’s in silent mode
  • Displaying a custom message on the home screen so that anyone who finds it knows how to return it
  • Forcing an instant wireless backup of data even when you don’t have the smartphone with you
  • And as a last resort, securely wiping all information from your BlackBerry smartphone, including the data from your SD card.

Additionally, the new wireless backup and restore features include:

  • Automatically, periodically and wirelessly backing up your contacts, calendar appointments, memos, tasks, browser bookmarks, and text messages
  • Optionally restricting backup to when within Wi-Fi® coverage or disable backup when roaming
  • Wirelessly restoring backed up data to a new BlackBerry smartphone

BlackBerry Protect

And finally, some of the key feature improvements we’ve incorporated based on your beta feedback:

  • Easier discovery and highlighting of BlackBerry Protect-related system messages
  • Better clarity in status messages
  • Unique and improved Loud Ring ringtone
  • Clearer, simpler and more descriptive UI icons and graphics

BlackBerry Protect is a really great example of how BlackBerry Beta Zone members help to make BlackBerry smartphone applications and experiences better. If you’re not already a BlackBerry Beta Zone member, be sure to join so that you too can start testing out new products before they’re released.

Install BlackBerry Protect for free today, and be assured your smartphone data is protected even when you are busy and on the go! Let us know right here in the comments or in BlackBerry App World what you think of the open beta (speaking of BlackBerry App World, BlackBerry Protect leverages BlackBerry ID, so if you’re already using BlackBerry App World 2.0, you’re already set up with an ID!).

Thanks for your support!

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