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BlackBerry ThreatVector Blog

DCRat: Russian RAT Offers Backdoor Bargains

Unlike well-funded, massive Russian threat groups crafting custom malware to attack universities, hospitals, small businesses and more, DCRat appears to be the work of a lone actor, offering a surprisingly effective homemade tool for opening backdoors on a budget. 


Malware Rebooted: How Industroyer2 Takes Aim at Ukraine Infrastructure

While an attack with Industroyer2 was recently thwarted, it's just one of a string of attempts to disrupt the electrical infrastructure of Ukraine. Analysis of this malware provides useful insight into threat actors’ behaviors.

Shields Up: Prepare Your Organization for Potential Cyberattacks

CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) warns that cyberattacks could target U.S. infrastructure. Prepare for potential cyberattacks with resources to help your organization take a “shields up” approach to prevent disruptive cyber incidents.

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