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New BBM Emoticons Galore!

BBM / 02.13.14 / Donny Halliwell

Updated below with a chance for you to get involved and suggest what Emoji you’d like to see in BBM.

An emoticon says 1000 words… maybe not, but I think, nothing gets your point across like an emoticon or emoji. That’s why we’ve added 100 brand spankin’ new emoticons in the new BBM release. You’ll find new smileys, new characters, new objects and a bunch more. The BBM team wants to say a big “thanks” to you, our fans, for all your great ideas. Many of the new emojis you’ll find in the new release came from your submissions to our BBM emoticon contest on our Facebook page back in December. With nearly 200 emoticons in total there are too many to talk about so we created this periodic table of emoticons to help you discover them!

emoticons list High resolution version here

Show your national pride with flags

Just a reminder that you can add a flag or multiple flags to your BBM Display Name or Status Message, or while you are chatting with friends and family too. A fitting way to celebrate you country during the games.

You may have noticed that there are a few new emoticons shown in our emoticon post that you don’t find in the 10.3 / 2.0 update? That’s our bad – we weren’t going to show you these ones yet since they’re coming in our next release. But now that the cat is out of the bag, we’d like some help. You’ll notice that these new emoticons don’t yet have keystroke codes so we’d like to hear what you think they should be. Hit us up on Twitter @BBM with the name of the emoticon, your keystroke suggestion and the hash tag #BBMEmoji. We’ll pick the best suggestion and add these emoticons in our next BBM release. Hope you’re enjoying the 100 new emoticons in the new version of BBM. You can expect to see more new emoticons going forward too, like…

· Spark
· Penguin
· Pizza
· Film
· Envelope
· Telephone

Donny Halliwell

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