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5 Ways to Customize BBM Just the Way You Like It

BBM / 02.13.14 / jgadway

We’re giving you the tools to get your BBM set up just the way you like it for the best messaging experience. Here are some helpful tips to help you get the most out of BBM.

1. Update your name

When you’re setting a display name on the profile screen be sure to use one people will recognize you by. The name you set in your profile will be the one friends and family in your smartphone contact list will see appear in the Find Friends feature.

2. Update your photo

Choose your BBM display picture from your photo gallery or take a new one. What many people don’t know is that you can also use an animated GIF in your BBM profile photo to give it a little more character.

3. Set your status message

When you’re busy and can’t chat, let your contact know by updating your status. Choose between available or busy, or add a personalized status message of your own. You can also elect to display a busy icon in your profile when you don’t want to be disturbed.

4. Contact categories

To help keep your BBM contacts organized you can set up contact categories in your BBM contact list. First you add a category and give it a name. Then select contacts that you want to add to that category. Contacts placed in a category are grouped together in the contacts tab and are organized alphabetically by contact name.

5. Changing contacts display names

To help quickly find the person you’re looking to chat with you can edit the name that is displayed for that contact. This is great for when you want to add someone’s last name or change their name all together to a nick name. You can update a contact’s display name by touching and holding on their image in the contacts tab and opening their BBM user profile.

6. Bonus! PIN Card

The easiest way to add someone to BBM is to give them your PIN. This lets you add people to your BBM contact list without having to give them your phone number or email address. We’re making it fun to add a little personality to your PIN and share that with your friends through the BBM PIN Card creator. Choose a photo, flag, or emoticon as a backdrop, add your PIN & QR code and post to your social networks. Find the BBM PIN Card creator at

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