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BlackBerry 10 Quick Tip: BlackBerry Hub Pinch Filter

HOW-TO / 04.25.14 / Ty Williams

IMG_20140422_133038The next time you view your messages in the BlackBerry Hub , slide your fingers together (or pinch) and your device will display a specific set of messages.

By default, you’ll be shown any messages identified as a priority, but did you know you can customize how they appear when you perform this gesture?

On my device, for example, performing this gesture shows me my unread messages so I can quickly review messages I haven’t had a chance to look at.

Follow these steps to customize what appears on your device the next time you use a pinch gesture while viewing the BlackBerry Hub.

  1. Go to the BlackBerry Hub
  2. Tap FMRadio-3dot > BB10-QS-01 > Display and Actions
  3. Tap Pinch Filter Criteria and select one of the following:
    • Priority Messages
    • Unread Messages
    • Flagged Messages
    • Draft Messages
    • Meeting Invites
    • Sent Messages
    • Level 1 Alerts

After completing these steps, slide your fingers together to view the specific type of message. After you finish, slide your fingers apart to return to your complete messages list.

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