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BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Management is Total Cost of Ownership Market Leader


It’s official. BlackBerry provides the lowest cost multi-platform EMM solution on the market.

That’s the conclusion of a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis of multi-platform enterprise mobility management solutions conducted by market research firm Strategy Analytics. The comprehensive study, published in May 2014, compares solutions from six EMM vendors based on hardware, licensing and support costs over five years. Other vendors included in the evaluation are AirWatch, Citrix, Fiberlink, Mobile Iron and Good Technology.

Commercial & Regulated

The study includes TCO evaluations applied to two enterprise mobility environments, Commercial and Regulated, the latter requiring elevated levels of security, control and regulatory compliance. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10), according to Strategy Analytics, is the most affordable solution for both environments.

“Even in a fully regulated environment, where BlackBerry offers the highest form of security, it also proves to be the lowest cost solution based on a five-year TCO,”

concludes the Strategy Analytics report, Enterprise Mobility Management: A review of Total cost of Ownership.

TCO Leader

The TCO portion of the report considers multiple cost drivers, implementation and payment scenarios for enterprises migrating from BlackBerry BES5 to BES10 or to any of the other platforms, as well as enterprises adopting an EMM solution from scratch. For the scenario that includes an on-premise deployment and a subscription payment model for client licenses, BES10 was found to be less than half of the five-year-cost of the nearest competitor.

TCO Graph

Strategy Analytics cited BlackBerry’s packaging of multiple services into a single offering as the major contributor to its leadership in the research firm’s affordability ranking.

“Other providers have similar bundling approaches, but the ‘all inclusive’ nature of the BlackBerry offer provides a tangible cost advantage which is then sustained throughout the TCO period,”

says the report.

Stellar Security

The comprehensive study also includes findings from in-depth interviews with IT decision makers about their current enterprise mobility environment and future strategic plans. From those interviews, Strategy Analytics concluded, the

“market still regards BlackBerry as representing the gold standard of mobile security solutions.”

While Strategy Analytics’ findings come as no surprise to BlackBerry, third-party validation from a respected industry authority is always welcome. The accumulation of accolades is a goal of all EMM competitors and we’re pleased to add “most affordable” to BlackBerry’s storehouse of industry citations for “most secure” and “best performing.”

Effective and Affordable

BlackBerry has always advised enterprises to take a holistic approach to EMM adoption. A decision so strategic to the organization’s future should never be focused on a single component of a comprehensive multi-platform enterprise mobility solution – even TCO. Strategy Analytics’ recent findings provide enterprises with the peace of mind that they can have it all – security, performance and affordability – without a single trade-off.

BlackBerry has been fending off fiction circulated by some of our competitors about device support and costs for more than a year. The reality is that BlackBerry’s EMM solution is multi-platform and the most affordable on the market.

Download full report here.

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