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#BBMoments: Using BBM Groups to Plan the Perfect Trip

BBM / 06.11.14 / jgadway

BBMoments Joy

The #BBMoments keep rolling in and we continue to be blown away at all the fantastic moments that BBM brings you on a daily basis. This week’s #BBMoments selection comes from Joy and her experience using BBM Groups.

Joy uses BBM Groups almost daily for all different reasons, not just chat! Features like Lists, Events and Pictures allow her to stay in touch, plan activities and communicate quickly without needing to access her contact list.

All of these features came in handy when she recently created a BBM Group for a mission trip to Haiti.

“Several of the other missionaries that were traveling had BlackBerry devices and the others were able to load BBM on their non-BlackBerry devices,” she says. “We were able to chat daily about the upcoming trip and talk about specific needs as they arose.”

Once they got to Haiti, Joy and her group used BBM Groups to add date reminders, deadlines and meetings to the calendar, create lists for packing and travel itineraries and of course, share photos of their amazing trip together.

“We were able to communicate constantly even when we were not together. [BBM Groups] truly made the planning process as well as the trip itself, flawless,” says Joy.

More about Joy M.:

Favorite Device: While she has a BlackBerry Z10, a Q10 and a Z30, Joy’s favorite of the three is definitely the BlackBerry Z30. “The Z30 battery is a beast! I can rock that device all day long without having to recharge! I generally switch out devices during the week just for fun,” says Joy.

Favorite BBM feature: Joy has a difficult time picking a fave feature of BBM, but if she had to choose, BBM Groups would lead the pack. “The ability to connect with people, to network, learn, share information, is just fantastic,” she says. BBM Channels is a close second. “I don’t know any other messaging platform that offers a feature like this. It’s so interactive and my channel has really given me a chance to connect with people from all corners of the world,” she adds.

Most Used Emoticon: The sideways laugh! She says her contacts are always making her laugh but there are so many others to choose from. “Who doesn’t love a thumbs up, a cup of coffee, or a ZOMBIE?” she asks.

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