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Cut Through the Noise to Uncover the Facts and Realities of the EMM Industry

EMM_MDM_BES10The Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) industry is one of the fastest growing, and most challenging, in high tech. As the use of mobile devices rapidly expands in quantity and diversity of form factor, many businesses are seeking to take advantage of the need to manage, secure, and control access. These include all manner of ventures ranging from the proven enterprise giants to startups striking out on shaky limbs to explore the business opportunities available.

There’s also a lot of noise as this highly competitive space heats up. Directly targeted marketing attacks, sweeping claims, and every single player touting the “most secure” and “innovative” solution generates a whirlwind of activity difficult for any prospective customer to sift through. But not all EMM solutions are created equal, and it’s important to ask the hard questions to drill right down to the facts of the vendor landscape.

EMM Realities is an initiative brought to you by BlackBerry designed to bring clarity and focus to this often ambiguous marketplace and the competing claims of its residents. It begins by helping you ask the right questions in order to get to the bottom of it all, such as “What’s the number one reason to get an effective EMM strategy and solution in place?”, or, “How does Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compare across EMM solutions?”

But primarily, it offers a collection of resources, templates, sample policies, checklists, guides, and a pulse on industry trends to help you get started tackling your challenges and opportunities in a very real way. Here are a few examples of what you can expect:

Discover the details for yourself, as well as the special offer that gets you off of the ground with the leading solution for free, by heading over to and downloading the kit.

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