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No, the Volkswagen Deal Does NOT Include Any of our QNX Team

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#BBFactCheck is setting the record straight for Seeking Alpha. Their piece appearing yesterday, July 6, 2014, regarding our agreement with Volkswagen Infotainment GmbH, incorrectly states that the deal includes our subsidiary QNX Software Systems.

The facts are that employees and R&D assets involved in this agreement have only ever supported BlackBerry product efforts. BlackBerry did not issue any communications about QNX involvement in this transaction – as they are not involved.

The inaccuracy of this piece is not limited to the incorrect QNX statements and assumptions. Seeking Alpha also references a “press release” that was in fact sourced as another news story on the topic. This is confusing to readers and blatantly wrong.

BlackBerry has requested corrections for this article, and we encourage readers of Seeking Alpha to verify information with another source to avoid being misled or misinformed.

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