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The above image portrays an x-ray of a lung viewed on the large square touchscreen found only on the BlackBerry Passport. In situations where you need a greater view of documents, medical imagery or technical schematics – screen size really does matter.

The 4.5-inch screen on the BlackBerry Passport is 1,440 x 1,440 pixels providing unique clarity and dimensions for a smartphone. Images like the one above, when viewed on other smartphones, can appear not only smaller, but less clear – opening the door to missed information. I’m no doctor, but I suspect having a clear view of the situation is key in reaching the correct diagnosis. In fields, where decisions can be a matter of health or safety, seeing the whole picture in detail is invaluable.

The BlackBerry Passport is purpose built with these situations in mind and more. With an innovative touch-enabled keyboard that allows you to communicate clearly and precisely, a battery large enough to power through your day, and the apps to get serious work done – the BlackBerry Passport is built for professionals like you and me.

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The app shown on screen is Nil by Claron Technology.

Key Features

• Diagnostic viewer with advanced capabilities
• 2D, multi-planar reformatting (MPR)
• 3D and echocardiology with full cine.
• Window/level, zoom, pan, rotate and related features enable comprehensive image manipulation
• Integrate with DICOM network or EMR/EHR systems

Here’s why it’s designed to look amazing on the BlackBerry Passport:

• Interactive viewing of 2D/3D imaging records easier on larger, high pixel-density screen
• Touch-enabled keyboard makes image manipulation fast, easy, and accurate
• Maximizes productivity/collaboration among care team
• High capacity battery designed to last all-day



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